So who am I?

Hi!  I'm Mollie.

Basically, what I've started here is a plan to help my friends knock items off their bucket lists, and document the experiences.  You can find a longer explanation of what I just said here.  My accomplished missions are across the page, and the blog's pretty amusing too.  I still got a long way to go, so even if you're just tuning in there's still plenty of journey to be followed!



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Bidding my Farewell

I'll indulge you with one last State-of-the-EHE address, but know that after this, it's going bye-bye.

As I would imagine is the case with most experiments, journeys and the like, the Experience Harvest Experience didn't go as planned.  In 2011, I imagined my life to turn into a string of Really Big Things that I'd be experiencing and writing about, for at least a few years.  Then I'd figure out what to do with the rest of my life, because that's what you do.

However, along with the mud running and road tripping and pageant mom-ing, there were a lot of more subtle lessons I learned along the way too.  And they've helped me to go after the very things that have been taking priority over the EHE project - career-wise, relationship-wise, and just life in general.  Things that are, and have really always been, important to me.

So here's what's going to happen.  

I'm finishing out three more goals, to round it out to an even 10.  I may blog about them, or I may just indulge the readers on my e-mail list about them.  Depends on when I get them done, as I'll probably forfeit the website before too long.

Then, I think I'll go back to my original plan, before I caught the blog-bug, and start putting a book together of the experiences, and lessons learned - the subtle ones as well as maybe the "How to turn a dick joke into a song" and "How to slide down a stripper pole upside down" ones.

As for the remainder of the experiences that my friends have brought up with me that I haven't gotten to - I'll still get to them.  If I do before I finish my book, maybe they'll go in the book too.  If I'm done with the whole EHE thing, then they won't go in the book.  They'll still get done.  

It's like what I told each and every friend when I was just starting out...even if you come up with your "thing" after I'm done with the project, doesn't mean we can't do it anyway.  Friends spend time with each other, and sometimes they do really cool things, and sometimes they may even accomplish a few things along the way.  You don't need the premise of a "project" to do those things.  That lifestyle, that outlook, is something I want to have and use as much as possible, all the time, for the rest of my life.  

If you want to continue to follow along with the story (read: get a few emails over the next few months, not hear from me for like three years then BAM get an email about how I have a book out now and hey how's it been going since we last spoke anyway), I suggest you join my email list, either by filling out the form to the right or by going here for a more convoluted approach.  

Otherwise, I hope you all got something good out of this.  Thanks for reading!  


The next phases of the EHE...

Shoot, I’ve gotten bad at keeping up with this.  But I wanted to give you an update anyway, so here’s what I got.


Nim left me a voicemail the other day – “It’s April, the weather’s great now, so we need to get back to planning our weekend!  Call me back!”


Five days later, it snowed.


Fairly certain that bad weather is finally out of the way, I’ll be finishing up the last three of my missions before My Big Mission.  And then after that, I’ll continue doing more stuff. 


I gotta be honest.  Originally I thought I was taking a "GoGoGo!" mentality with this EHE project, and do everything ever in about 3-5 years’ time.  Over time, as missions took longer to plan/complete/convince people to go through with them, and as other side projects of my own, and life in general, got in the way, I realized that wasn't going to happen.


But I’ve come to prefer the idea of simply working on this, no longer as an ongoing project, but a lifestyle.


As such, I may do a little re-vamping of the site, and the “mission” of my overall project here.  That’s a ways away though, as I want to knock the above stuff off my agenda before I go taking this in a different direction. 


If you have any ideas, preferences, things you wish you could get out of reading this blog that you currently aren’t, I encourage you to leave them in the comments.  I want to include you guys in not just as passive readers, but as active members of this tiny little online community I'm cultivating.  I’d like a discussion to start here, and what better people to have such a discussion with than the people who support the blog in the first place.


Let’s hear it.


2 Reasons Why 1 Guy Wants to Experience Blindness

So I sat down with Nim to chat a little about why he wants to "go blind" for a day.  Spoiler/disappoinment alert: "To achieve the proper reaction to your beauty" was not one of his answers.  

But while he didn't provide the correct answer, he did give some interesting ones.

He wants to experience how the lack of one sense affects the sensitivity of the remaining senses.

Now this is a rather common idea that people know and share - say, the guy who can't see but has supersonic hearing.  But Nim went on to further express his interest and curiosity in the senses that go beyond the five traditional ones.

That...never occured to me before.  There are senses beyond the five we were taught as kids.  Now sometimes I'm late to the party when it comes to the obvious stuff - I did only try a pear for the first time not four years ago.  But seriously, did you guys all know this and hold out on me for 27 years????  NOT COOL.

I was a little too sober to take that all in at once, but I did my best to follow the conversation nonetheless.  The sense that took the mainstage of Nim's area of study is proprioception, which is more or less the sense of placement - knowing where your right foot is without necessarily looking at it.  You can click on the link for more information...that site seems to put it rather succinctly.

I'm kinda curious to find out if there's a sense that will allow him to detect when there's Braille within arm's reach.  I can't be the only person who sees a restroom sign or something in Braille, and wonders how the blind know it's there.

He wants to observe and experience the importance that a routine has to the everyday life of a blind person.

He makes a good point.  If you think that humans in general thrive better on a routine, imagine how much more important it must be for someone who can't see to have a pretty good understanding of when and where things are.  Obviously not to say blind people aren't allowed to do anything different, ever.  But if you can't remember which of your typical 50 spots you placed your car keys, then you're probably NOT going to do anything different, ever (probably whether you're blind or not, really).

Not even trying to be a smartass here, but this concept really DOES go hand-in-hand a bit with that joke about punishing Helen Keller by rearranging the furniture.


So now, in addition to experiencing a musical concert, some other ideas Nim's throwing into the agenda are "martial arts, wrestling, walking around in the park or a flower garden, navigating NYC," to start.  Obviously, and especially if it involves flowers, we'll be waiting until the polar vorteces are done before we embark on this, so we've got a little time yet to plan.  

Will I throw in another story in before this one concludes?  Possibly, because I like multiple plots.  But regardless, you'll be hearing from me at some point before North America thaws.  

Oh hell let's face it, we all know that last statement is only a maybe.  I'll attempt.


Next up: Blind Date!

Happy Diciembre, folks!  Hope you all had a happy October and November too, while we're at it.

So now, seven missions have been completed.  And I was able to get through all seven without a dramatic Brad Pitt scene.

I made that myself.  Darn tootin' I'm proud.


Three more will get me to a nice, even 10.  Then I want to do something colossal.  But I'm not there yet, so let's focus on making these last three missions (before the colossalness) good ones.

One of these three will be with my friend Nim.  It may not be the very next thing (we may not execute this until the Spring), but he has made his mission clear.

He wants to experience blindness.

The working goal right now is to simulate blindness for an entire weekend.  We're still planning a loose itinerary, although one thing he definitely wants on the agenda is a musical concert of sorts (we're talking more symphony orchestra and less mosh pit).

And it may go without saying that I won't be doing this with him - not simultaneously at least.  Aside from the fact that it would look like some sort of sick prank, we obviously wouldn't be getting very far since it would be much like...oh god why am I going there...THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND.  That was so easy it actually hurt to say it.

And that's another thing.  Simply looking at this in theory makes it seem as though it could come off as obviously staged, borderline offensive, or just another frat hazing gag.  But Nim has what it takes to actually pull something like this off without breaching any of the above offenses.  He has a certain curiosity and very fluid perspective on life so that something like this just...seems completely right for him.

I'm going to write a follow-up on this before we actually go to do it; in the next couple of weeks I'm going to sit down with Nim to get his backstory on why he chose this as his "mission" (I probably should have done that in the first place, but like a good parking meter my agenda's out of order).  And when I get that story I plan to share it with you guys.  

In the meantime, I'm going to plot out another two missions, and we'll pump some life back into this bloggity blog.  Stay tuned!




And just like the prodigal son, I'VE RETURNED!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii.  It's been awhile.

So, while we were apart, I guess I may have accomplished a mission that belonged to nobody else but me.  Aren't I just a selfish bitch?

As the story goes, I went MIA for a few months because I picked up another job as an audiobook narrator.  What?  You heard me.

So, as the story goes (so nice I say it twice), I was told by a teacher last year that I had a great voice to do voiceover work.  Flattery gets you everywhere with me, so I decided to look into a few voiceover classes.

Among the classes was one called "Voiceover for Audiobooks."  I did quite well here.  Enough so that my teacher told me to stay in touch, that this is something I "should be doing."  Again with the flattery, so I continue to go pursue this.  One day I'm going to get flattered into attending clown school, but I prefer to not think about that day.

A demo reel and some connections later, I slapped together a few audiobooks!  It was a little more time-consuming that it should have been, but I've since figured out how not to make it that way, so I like to think you'll all be hearing from me fairly regularly again.  Whoop-whoop!

So what's some news like this without a little shameless plug?  My first book is on sale at Audible - it's a suspense novel involving a couple that gets murdered and a cat that helps everyone figure out who did it.  It's a pretty good read - and I've been told my Texas accent is spot on, so feel free to go judge for yourself.

I have a second book on the way too!  I'll post more information about it when I get the link to go with it.  That one is for...a little more of a niche group.  And not in the porno way.  (Sorry.)

So that's why I took a couple months off.  And now I'm back!  Before I sign off and continue on my quest, let me just bring you up to speed with a few actual Experience Harvest updates!

-Pete and I are training for our second Tough Mudder!  It's the mission that keeps on missioning!

-Taylor and I (Face Basement) were working on our second song, "And Now You're Fat."  Plans got a little de-railed over the year, but the band's getting back together.

-Loren and I wanted to put together another Weird NJ road trip, but I'm pretty much using the excuse that this summer just didn't count.

-I'm looking to complete at least three more missions by June.  Then I may work on something else kind of phenominal (because doing audiobooks wasn't that "top secret goal" I was telling you about at the beginning of the year).

That's all I got for now.  My next mission's cooking, and when it comes to a boil you'll be a-hearin' from me.  In the meantime, I may dig out some videos from my older missions that I may still owe you guys.  Or, I may just write about me again.  

I'll probably just write about me again.